As a child of the universe, imagine the size of your playground.

Helen Castonguay


As a child of the universe, imagine the size of your playground.

Helen Castonguay

Transforming Health & Consciousness  
through Mind-Body Approaches

The Breath Space School offers courses to practitioners and the general public. Learn more about how mind-body techniques, such as breathwork, meditation, mindfulness, and biofeedback, can improve health, create resiliency and transform consciousness. Interested in discovering more about your potential? Explore our courses. 

Private and group case consultation and mentoring are available as well in-person and on-line.


For details about upcoming continuing education courses, please contact Dr. Brad.

  • From Threat to Safety - Understanding the Nervous System to Build Resiliency 
  • Somatic Based Therapy
  • Science and Poetry of Breathing 
  • Breathing & Biofeedback Training 
  • Understanding HRV
  • HRV Biofeedback Certification 
  • Meditation & Mindfulness #101 
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation & Autogenic Training
  • Guided Visualization
  • Loving Kindness, Gratitude and Metta Meditation
  • Professional Biofeedback Didactic Training
  • Death Cafes & Advanced Directive Parties
  • Mind-Body Medicine & Biofeedback Mentoring & Case Consultation


Practitioner Training

Practitioner Training

Professional Biofeedback Certificate Training Course - 42-Hour Course

October 18th - October 20th 2019
8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Bastyr Center for Natural Health
Room N166
3670 Stone Way
Fremont, WA 98103

Professionals: $1200
Bastyr Alumni: $1000

Course Description

This 42-hour, hybrid professional training course provides both online and face-to-face education and training in theoretical and clinical application of biofeedback. A variety of modalities / instrumentation be explored and demonstrated, such as: Electormyography (EMG) Galvanic skin response (GSR) Thermal, respiration and heart rate variability and respiration biofeedback. Several adjunctive, mind-body interventions will be introduced, such as mindfulness/meditation training, progressive muscles relaxation breathwork, autogenic training, and guided imagery/visualization. The online, home-study portion of this course covers biofeedback history, theory, and clinical applications, while the 3-day, in-person sessions focus on hands-on, experiential learning using biofeedback software and equipment. Prior to the first live classroom sessions, participants receive a study guide of videos and texts to study at their own pace. Online assessments of preparatory material must be completed prior to first day of class. Participants have one month to complete the online portion of the course, which concludes with a final exam. This course is accredited to provide 42 hours of education to fulfill the didactic requirement toward Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA) certification in general biofeedback.


Major Course Educational Objectives
By the conclusion of the course, students should be able to:

  • Define and Explain foundations of mind-body medicine & biofeedback.

  • Provide biological, neurological and psychological rationale for the use and benefit of mind-body medicine & biofeedback.

  • Describe and demonstrate each of the various biofeedback modalities covered throughout the course, such as surface electromyography, temperature, electrodermal activity, respiration biofeedback, peripheral blood flow (BVP), and heart rate and respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA).

  • Understand the technology involved in operating biofeedback equipment, including learning how to record and interpret data, identify artifact and determining appropriate recording.

  • Properly attach subject to and use biofeedback equipment (Nexus-10, Alive, emWave, thermometer).

  • Formulate rationale and plan for biofeedback for various conditions.

  • Perform psychophysiological profile and pre and post data comparison.

  • Critically evaluate the literature pertaining to mind-body medicine & biofeedback for clinical and
    education applications.

  • Describe each of the adjunctive mind-body therapeutic techniques used in concert with biofeedback, such as mindfulness and meditation training, progressive muscle relaxation, quieting reflex, breathwork, autogenic training, guided imagery and heart-centered meditation/loving-kindness meditation.

BCIA Blueprint of Topics Covered

  • Orientation to Biofeedback – 2 hours

  • Stress, Coping, and Illness – 3 hours

  • Psychophysiological Recording – 8 hours

  • Research Methodology – 2 hours

  • sEMG Applications – 6 hours

  • Autonomic Nervous System Applications – 8 hours

  • Respiration Applications – 3 hours

  • Interventions Strategies – 8 hours

  • Professional Conduct – 2 hours

For more information on this workshop and how to register, click the button below:

with Brad S. Lichtenstein ND BCB & Laurie Riepe, MA LMHC
6 CEUS available for some professions


May 12th, 2018
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM PST
Bastyr University
14500 Juanita Dr. NE
Bastyr University

Professional CEUs by 4/20:    $175
Professional CEUs after 4/20: $200
Alumni/Clinicians by 4/20:    $150
Alumni/Clinicians after 4/20  $175
Public                                          $145
Students w/ID                           $120


Modern dying is a scary business. Healthcare professionals have the responsibility to confront our fears to give patients our humanity and presence. This workshop focuses on living with an awareness of death and dying while affirming life. Both presenters have personally and professionally experienced the edges of dying, living and grieving. The workshop features honest explorations and reflections around the choices we have for ourselves and tools we can use with our patients.

How safe do we feel as practitioners? How willing are we to go to those places that scare us? As healthcare professionals, we need to give our clients what they need most: our humanity and presence. In this workshop, we will engage in a dialogue about living with an awareness of death and dying while affirming life. The workshop will focus on how to develop our own practices of safety so that we can be present with patients in those scary times through the continuum of the healing relationship – diagnosis, treatment decision making, and dying. We will talk about first conversations and last conversations with our patients. Both presenters will share their experiences at the edges of dying, living and grieving.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will identify and confront their own levels of fear and anxiety with regards to patients’ serious health diagnosis, treatment and end-of-life

  2. Participants will develop, explore and practice conversations with patients regarding death and dying issues

  3. Participants will gain a cursory understanding of the Death with Dignity law

  4. Participants will gain an in-depth understand of the existential and interpersonal elements for patients and family contemplating end-of-life choices

COURSE NOTES: Bring notebook or computer on which to take notes.


Community Workshops & Classes

Community Workshops & Classes


Advanced Directive Image.jpg

Sunday, March 25, 2018
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM PST

Nalanda West
3902 Woodland Park Ave N
Seattle WA 98103

Spring is here! What better way to engage in some "personal spring cleaning" by taking stock of our life, preparing for our death, and ensuring all our affairs are in order.  Once again, we take a break from our usual monthly Death Cafe process at Nalanda West to consider the art of living while dying. Please join me at on Sunday, March 25 for an afternoon of reflection and discussion about end-of-life care planning and advanced directives. You will receive a copy of the Five Wishes and be guided through various questions regarding who you would like to make medical decision for you when you are unable, what types of medical interventions you want, how comfortable do you want to be, and what do you want your loved ones to know when you are gone.  

All are Welcome. 
Looking for a conversation starter?
Bring a friend, family member, coworker or neighbor and definitely have something to talk about on the drive home.

Suggested donation is $2 at the door to cover the cost of the Five Wishes. 

2018 Dates:
January 28, 2018
February 25, 2018
March 25, 2018
April 22, 2018

Death: A Journey of a Lifetime

A Monthly Series of Conversations

Sundays, June 25, 2017 - April 22, 2018
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM PST

Nalanda West
3902 Woodland Park Ave N
Seattle WA 98103

We all have a terminal illness called life. Yet, despite our best efforts to put it off or avoid it, death remains inevitable, and we all will confront it eventually. Till then, how do you engage with death, and how do your attitudes about it affect the life you are living today?

Death – A Journey of a Lifetime is a monthly series of open-ended conversations that provide participants the opportunity to take an honest look at their beliefs and behaviors about death and dying. Anyone willing to engage in these conversations authentically and honestly, with deep respect for the opinions of others, some of whom might hold differing and diverging opinions, is invited to participate. While these conversation are serious, they need not to be taken so seriously. Learning to embrace the topic of death, while acknowledging discomfort or fear, provides space for humor and ease to return to the discussion.

These Death conversations will be facilitated by Dr. Brad Lichtenstein who has hosted dozens of death cafes at a wide variety of venues, such as the Bastyr Center for Natural Health, and various hospice agencies throughout Seattle. Dr. Lichtenstein has worked in end-of-life care for over twenty years, and continues consult with patients and their families about end-of-life wishes and advanced care planning. Participating in a joint research study between University of Washington and Bastyr University, he has conducted over 500 bedside guided meditations in hospice, which frequently evolved into deeper and meaningful conversations about the patient’s imminent death.



Thursday Evenings
Starting October 5th, 2017
7:00 PM - 8:45 PM PST
Mind-Body Sanctuary
4204 Leary Way NW
Seattle WA 98107

Introductory 4 - Week Series: $140
October 5, 12, 19, & 26

Introductory Series + Advanced Practices: $180
October 5, 12, 19, 26 + November 2 & 9

Can’t decide:
Drop - In: $40 per session

On average, you breathe around 28,000 times per day, yet how often do you think about your breath as a way to promote your health? Breathwork is a simple and free way to integrate mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health, and has been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve sleep, regulate hormones, create mental alertness, help with focus, improve performance, and decrease stress.

In this experiential series,you will learn about the biochemistry, physiology and psychology of breathing, symptoms associated with dysfunctional breathing, and easy ways (both modern and traditional) to restore balance through effortless, innate breathing. 

No expertise is required, just your lungs!

Week 1: Breathing Basics - Finding Your Innate Breath    
This session reviews the basic science of breathing: how biomechanical, biochemical, neurological and psychological factors influence functional, effortless breathing. You will begin to develop a mindful presence of your body’s innate breathing rhythms and patterns, and reconnect with your internal resources.

Week 2: Posture & Breath
How we sit, stand and walk changes our breathing and hence changes our health. This session plays with posture and body shapes to created freedom in your spine, extremities and muscles to cultivate free, flowing breathing.

Week 3: Timing is Everything - Coherent Breathing
Life is full of rhythms. Adjusting the timing of your breath can alter the rhythms of cardiovascular system, improving its function. In this session you will experiment with breathing rates and timing and observe the impact on your mental, emotional and physical states.

Week 4: Sound & Breath    
Toning, chanting and singing are practices used in a wide variety of healing traditions. Several studies have shown that chanting can improve respiratory conditions, increase focus and concentration and strengthen cardiovascular health. In this session you will play with sound as a vehicle to alter the breath and increase health and resiliency.

Advanced Practice Week 5: Five-Element & Taoist Breathing Practices
The Chinese five elements (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire) provide a template to describe all natural phenomena as it relates to energy. Each element is also linked to different physiological processes. In this session, you will practice breath patterns, shapes and sounds to induce the healing power of each element.

Advanced Practice Week 6: Breathing to Produce Transpersonal States
Breathing practice throughout the centuries have used acute hyperventilation to induce transpersonal, non-ordinary states (Pranayama, Reirbthing, Holotropic, Wim Hof). This intense experiential session dives into controlled and sustained breathing in order to awaken higher levels of consciousness.


Saturday & Sunday
September 9th & 10th, 2017
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM PST
Mind-Body Sanctuary
4204 Leary Way NW
Seattle WA 98107

$125 per person /
$175 per couple



  • Do you feel stuck, and unable to move forward with your life, no matter how much you try?
  • Do you experience irritation, aggravation and frustration in situations, others or yourself and you are unsure why?
  • Do find yourself ruminating about life events over and over again, unable to let go and find peace? 


Compassion & Acceptance

Holding on to the past is a lot of work and demands a great deal of our life energy. Holding on to the past prevents us from living fully in the present moment, and blocks our expressions of joy and gratitude. We are resistant to compassion and acceptance when we fear that if we do we will loose our drive, forget what has happened, or excuse other’s behaviors. Yet, compassion and acceptance neither condemns or condones. Compassion and acceptance focuses on making peace with our past so we can move on with living. Though simple in process, compassion and acceptance are far from easy, and requires commitment and practice. 

Breathing Your Way to Compassion & Acceptance is a two- day journey into the process of letting go of the past, and focusing on how we wish to live our lives. Combining the art and wisdom of breathwork, meditation, biofeedback and compassion & acceptance practices, participants will learn about the following concepts and practices:

  • Rudimentary introduction to the nervous system and how early experiences hardwire us to either hold on to the past or to accept and move forward
  • Basic biomechanical, biochemical, neurological and psychological factors of breathing, how breathing postures and patterns can influence the heart and balances the nervous system
  • Functional versus dysfunctional breathing patterns
  • Basic steps to compassion and acceptance and how to blame less and take life events less personally
  • Compassion and acceptance practices to increase resiliency and freedom 

Seattle Atlas Obscura - Urban Death Project

January 26, 2017
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST

Nalanda West
3902 Woodland Park Ave N
Seattle WA 98103

Like it or not, you're gonna die. What's going to happen to you after that? Spend a couple hours with us pondering your mortality with Seattle-based designer Katrina Spade, the mastermind behind the Urban Death Projectand Brad S. Lichtenstein, ND BCB, faculty member at Bastyr Center for Natural Health and facilitator of Bastyr's Death and Cupcake events.  

In true Seattle fashion, Spade's Urban Death Project is a plan to take compost to the next level: recycling ourselves. Spade will walk us through her plans for the Urban Death Project's Recomposition Center, planned to open by 2023. You'll learn about the science of how the center will process our bodies, what families can expect in their visit to the center, and why Spade is proposing a new alternative to traditional death practices in the first place. Then, Lichtenstein will guide you through an honest discussion of your own death, and how to plan and prepare for the inevitable. 

A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Urban Death Project.

Not recommended for children under 15, or those especially squeamish about their own mortality.

Questions? Email

Death & Cupcakes

2016 Dates for Bastyr Center for Natural Health:
January 14th, February 18th , March 17th
Bastyr Center for Natural Health

Join me at Bastyr Center for Natural Health in Wallingford for our ongoing coversation series called Death & Cupcakes.  These "cafes" are opportunities for people to gather together to drink tea, eat cake (gluten-free) and discuss death.  During these open, honest, free-flowing conversations, participants share and discuss their feelings, attitudes, fears, concerns, etc. regarding death. This is not an educational seminar, rather a opportunity to siti in the company of others and engage in interactive discussions.  All we ask is that you keep an open mind and a kind heart.