As a child of the universe, imagine the size of your playground.

Helen Castonguay


As a child of the universe, imagine the size of your playground.

Helen Castonguay

Training Practitioners in the use of Mind-Body &
Biofeedback Approaches for Building Resiliency and Health

The Breath Space School provides continuing education courses in mind-body medicine, biofeedback, resiliency building and stress reduction. Grounded in the current research and science, professionals of all disciplines can choose from a variety of topics and take courses individually to further their education, skills and training, or they can enroll in the entire series for certification. 

Private and group case consultation and mentoring are available as well in-person and on-line.


For details about upcoming continuing education courses, please contact Dr. Brad.

  • From Threat to Safety - Understanding the Nervous System to Build Resiliency (4 - Hours)
  • Somatic Based Therapy (22 - Hours)
  • Science and Poetry of Breathing (22 - Hours)
  • Breathing & Biofeedback Training (6 - Hours)
  • Understanding HRV (6-Hours)
  • HRV Biofeedback Certification (15 - Hours)
  • Meditation & Mindfulness #101 (4 - Hours)
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation & Autogenic Training (6 - Hours)
  • Guided Visualization (4- Hours)
  • Loving Kindness, Gratitude and Metta Meditation (6 Hours)
  • Professional Biofeedback Didactic Training (42-Hours)
  • Mind-Body Medicine & Biofeedback Mentoring & Case Consultation (per hour)


Register Below

Register Below

with Brad S. Lichtenstein ND BCB & Laurie Riepe, MA LMHC
6 CEUS available for some professions

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May 12th, 2018
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM PST
Bastyr University

14500 Juanita Dr. NE
Bastyr University

Professional CEUs by 4/20:    $175
Professional CEUs after 4/20: $200
Alumni/Clinicians by 4/20:    $150
Alumni/Clinicians after 4/20  $175
Public                                          $145
Students w/ID                           $120


Modern dying is a scary business. Healthcare professionals have the responsibility to confront our fears to give patients our humanity and presence. This workshop focuses on living with an awareness of death and dying while affirming life. Both presenters have personally and professionally experienced the edges of dying, living and grieving. The workshop features honest explorations and reflections around the choices we have for ourselves and tools we can use with our patients.

How safe do we feel as practitioners? How willing are we to go to those places that scare us? As healthcare professionals, we need to give our clients what they need most: our humanity and presence. In this workshop, we will engage in a dialogue about living with an awareness of death and dying while affirming life. The workshop will focus on how to develop our own practices of safety so that we can be present with patients in those scary times through the continuum of the healing relationship – diagnosis, treatment decision making, and dying. We will talk about first conversations and last conversations with our patients. Both presenters will share their experiences at the edges of dying, living and grieving.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will identify and confront their own levels of fear and anxiety with regards to patients’ serious health diagnosis, treatment and end-of-life

  2. Participants will develop, explore and practice conversations with patients regarding death and dying issues

  3. Participants will gain a cursory understanding of the Death with Dignity law

  4. Participants will gain an in-depth understand of the existential and interpersonal elements for patients and family contemplating end-of-life choices

COURSE NOTES: Bring notebook or computer on which to take notes.

Professional Biofeedback Certificate Training Course

June 22nd - June 24th, 2018
8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
3670 Stone Way, Bastyr Center for Natural Health, N192
Fremont, WA 98103

This 42-hour, hybrid professional training course provides both online and face-to-face education and training in theoretical and clinical application of biofeedback. A variety of modalities / instrumentation be explored and demonstrated, such as: Electormyography (EMG) Galvanic skin response (GSR) Thermal, respiration and heart rate variability and respiration biofeedback. Several adjunctive, mind-body interventions will be introduced, such as mindfulness/meditation training, progressive muscles relaxation breathwork, autogenic training, and guided imagery/visualization. The online, home-study portion of this course covers biofeedback history, theory, and clinical applications, while the 3-day, in-person sessions focus on hands-on, experiential learning using biofeedback software and equipment. Prior to the first live classroom sessions, participants receive a study guide of videos and texts to study at their own pace. Online assessments of preparatory material must be completed prior to first day of class. Participants have one month to complete the online portion of the course, which concludes with a final exam. This course is accredited to provide 42 hours of education to fulfill the didactic requirement toward Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA) certification in general biofeedback.

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